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Who is Android 13?

Android 13 (aka – A13s) is not the new droid on the block, A13s has decades of hard hitting Industry experience under his belt – in a wide variety of fields within the Design world.

A13s is a digital creative agent that designs, illustrates, models, and delivers creative solutions.

A13s clients span accross a wide variety of industry sectors who all share the same need for a visual solution to a business issue.

Whether it is to improve their business image, communicate a particular message or increased product sales, A13s offers a wide array of services to help get the message across.

Android 13 would love nothing more than to help you Design your Idea`s.

About Us

Android 13 (aka – A13s) was created many many moons ago by a Mad Scientist, in his secret lab. (lab being a computer screen in a small room fit for a creative student) Lots of dreaming, research, experimenting and calculating, 13 was brought to life, with the precision of a machine and the passion and intellect of a man.

Android 13 is not a typical design agent. Our priorities are fixed on three things – doing great work, creating unique concepts and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

A13s aims to produce eye-catching designs and is renowned for it`s wide array of creative capabilities for a variety of business sectors. We offer Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Design and Animation, Web Design and so much more….

Based in Western Cape, Cape Town, A13s is a dynamic and rapidly growing machine. Its our mission, objective and destiny to create Artwork that is more than
what is expected of us. Android 13 is a learning machine and we aim to better ourselves all the time in order to provide you with the highest quality work and services.

Services we Provide